A Chinese Access Point

Chinese AP on the left, Ubiquiti AP-AC-Lite on the right.

I bought an unlabeled, unbranded Chinese Wifi Access Point off ebay.


Just sharpie on a fancy “U”!

So while I was in the process of buying some Ubiquiti gear for my home network I stumbled onto a cheapie knockoff on ebay, which I won’t link to but searching ebay for “300Mbps Wifi AP” should bring it up. So far the thing performs as expected. Onboard firmware is kinda lacking if you want to use it for anything but a wifi repeater mind you as there is no way to set the unit to DHCP.

It has a static address of and no DHCP.

It has a static address of and no DHCP with factory default firmware.

If you’re at all familiar with the Ubiquiti gear, this is pretty much the same in terms of everything, plug 48V POE into it and you’re off to the races.  Under the hood the unit uses a combination of Realtek RTL8196E and RTL8192ER for the main controller and Wifi module respectively. Interestingly the first google result for the RTL8196E is a “Not for Public Release” .pdf file, which appears to say that the RTL8196E is capable of being a full 5 port switch compared to the single port its using for data and POE so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. The RTL8192ER is just a 2×2 MIMO wifi module, nothing special, I have a bunch of $3 USB wifi adapters with the same chip inside.

Top side with the dual 2.4GHz antennas, you can see the POE PSU on the left.

One thing to note is that if you mount this with the ethernet cable pointed entering on the vertical axis the wifi signals will be horizontally polarized. If you have to put this on a wall you should definitely mount this with the ethernet cable coming in from the horizontal.

Wall-side of the device. Using an RTL8196E for the controller.

Close up of the RTL8192ER Wifi module. RF paths clearly visible.