New Toy: MCS2000 800MHz Edition.

A new toy arrived in the mail, a very well kept Motorola MCS2000 I bought for $20 (shipping included) on ebay at the beginning of the month.

The sticker on the accessory port is peeling >:(

On a whim I bought an MCS2000 on ebay back on blackfriday, couldn’t resist for $20 really. The model number is M01UGL6PW4AN which according to this chart translates to 806-870MHz, 10-15W, limited 8 character display, 20/25kHz channel size (ham size), programmable.

I’ve accrued quite a bit of gear over several hamfests for this thing surprisingly. Paid $2 for a 902-928MHz NMO antenna at one point, another time I bought several NMO mounts w/ 7ft of coax terminated with mini-UHF connectors for a dollar a loonie a piece so I have everything needed to get on the air actually.

Beep boop! Out of band!

The only thing, as keen readers may have noticed, the radio I bought is 806-870MHz. There are two issues with this frequency range, 1) the 900MHz antenna isn’t a good match for an 800MHz radio, and 2) 806-870 is well outside the ham allocation up in 900MHz. Luckily the fine folks over at Batlabs have a fairly simple solution, modify the programming software itself.

The one thing that puzzles me: the RJ45 adapter sitting on the accessory jack. Based on a cursory google search its a “FRN5843A” which is apparently equivalent to a “HLN6412A w/RJ45”. I can’t find pinouts for either of these parts but I’m kinda-sorta sure it just provides a secondary microphone jack to the front panel. Not entirely sure why someone would want such a thing, must have been hooked into a computer and it was a convenient method of interfacing it I guess. I’m not entirely sure how to get it off either which presents its own set of issues.

All in all I’m very pleased with this radio and will go looking for more if I have the chance, especially if I can get more in as good a condition as this. One thing I will need to do is rig up some sort of mounting bracket so it isn’t wobbling on that underside RJ45 connector.