Note to self: EFJohnson 5100

A helpful member of /r/amateurradio has mentioned the EFJohnson 5100 as a cheap used P25 Phase 2 radio. Well looking at costs on ebay that is certainly true. Wow.

Then looking around I found this post by user “wildcat” on about a P25 UHF ham repeater, VA7LNK/R.

There is one UHF P25 ham repeater located on Burnaby Mountain which covers the Greater Vancouver metro area. The repeater is configured in mixed mode. Not much activity on there in the last few years, many have moved to other modes like DMR.

442.200 MHz +5MHz
T110.9 / NAC293

Well I’m now quite tempted to give this whole thing a try. But its December so I’m already spending $$dosh$$ on other people.