Wifi enabling a tool box

Beep beep goes the toolbox.

So one of the things that has been plaguing me is RF noise of my own doing.

Since my house is rather tall I thought the best place for antennas was on the top of the house, Makes sense after all. But when things are moving into the >1GHz spectrum cable losses start to get annoying so why not locate the receiver up there too?

Remember this?

Remember this? Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

So thats what I did, I put all my receivers up on the roof. Along with the Raspberry Pi’s and the associated power supplies to run them. What do cheap USB power supplies do? Produce noise! And so I was plagued by noise I created in the first place. It doesn’t help at all that the HF antenna feed point was less than a meter from all these switchmode power supplies.

Well I was getting rather tired of all the noise on HF so I wandered over to Canadian Tire and bought one of their toolboxes while it was on sale. Its nice and roomy, and made of metal so I can ground this thing.

The internal cable nightmare.

The result is a big old snakes nest of cables like always, but with my handy power drill I punched a bunch of 3/8″ holes for a bunch of F type panel mounts and a 1/4″ for the RP.SMA wifi antenna. I’m currently using two of the three I put in, will eventually add an active antenna onto the third connector at a later date. The box fits everything I planned to put in it. I even took the luxury of bolting the grounded outlet to the side of the box, although I think my bolts are a bit too long.

I’ve also updated my Piaware from an original Raspberry Pi 1B to a Raspberry Pi 3B for future expansion (primarily adding an active HF antenna + receiver streaming over the network). The Pi acts as a wireless bridge for the Comar SLN-350R that is my MarineTraffic AIS receiver. I’m not entirely sure whether the Pi can support auto-mdix so I also put a USB powered TP Link switch between the AIS receiver and the Pi itself so the network cables work properly.